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     If you live area and need house cleaning services, look no further, Charing Cross Cleaning is the best. I have used them for office cleaning at my building for years. Excellent company.
Preston Blackwell19/09/2019
     The house we bought was an as-is bargain, but it needed a lot of cosmetic work. Before we really started on the painting and other minor repairs, the place just had to get a thorough clean. CharingCrossCarpetCleaners came before we moved in and really did an awesome job with the builders cleaning. It made our follow-up work so much easier and working in pleasant and clean surroundings certainly made the painting and other work a lot easier to handle.
Eddie M.28/10/2016
     Professional window cleaners are advertised everywhere, and when I moved into a new house and needed a local window cleaner I didn't know where to begin looking. A few of my neighbours use CharingCrossCarpetCleaners for their window cleaning needs and I decided to give them a try. I'm very glad that I did as I've never had my windows look so clean! This is a wonderful service run by friendly and welcoming people, and they have lots of experience and low prices too! I've told everyone I know about this service and I'll be using it for many years to come! Thanks!
     I was looking for some help to clean my home because my work schedule had increased and things were not being done as often as they would normally. Although I still clean regularly, during my available time, I simply couldn't find time to do a deep clean and every home requires at deep clean at some point. I called this company CharingCrossCarpetCleaners and asked for a quote, I was surprised at how cheap the services offered were, and I thought at that price id be crazy not to try it out so I booked with them to for a tryout. It's amazing what they do and I've booked them for regular services now.
Fiona S.08/05/2014
     As many people are, I am a busy single parent, who needs a little break from time to time. Instead of going on a cruise, I tend to just get the cleaner round for a couple of hours every week, and it really does take the pressure off a little. Gives me time to think and to ensure that my kids are getting the attention that they need, whilst also keeping work in check. I use CharingCrossCarpetCleaners and their competitive rates are more than worth the time I get to spend how I see fit, rather than cleaning!
G. Taylor05/03/2014
     I'm over the moon with this house cleaning company! I didn't have the time to get my home looking properly clean, and I definitely don't have the skills that the cleaners at CharingCrossCarpetCleaners do, but now my house looks fabulous all the time! I have a lot more free time to do what I want! The cleaners are really efficient and definitely know what they're doing. This is a service that I can't recommend enough. I never have to deal with carpet stains or streaky windows ever again and I couldn't be more impressed! Thanks so much!
Lillian Nash17/12/2013

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